Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Is Now Live

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Is Now Live!
Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Is Now Live

Eager PlayStation gamers, the wait is over – Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition has now arrived for download on PS5. Players can finally return to Aloy’s machine-dominated dystopian future in its definitive form.

Massive Map Spanning Vistas of the Western US

This ultimate package includes the massive Forbidden West storyline set in a far-future America centuries after an apocalypse, along with the Burning Shores expansion which whisks Aloy away to the volcanic islands and submerged city of Los Angeles where she must aid local survivors against a doomsday cult before they destroy what remains of civilization.

Together they comprise a sprawling open world adventure brimming with deadly mechanized creatures to battle using elaborate hunter’s tools and weaponry.

The Complete Edition also comes stacked with bonus content like digital artbooks and soundtracks to fully immerse fans in Horizon’s stark beauty and acoustic ambience. An original Horizon Zero Dawn comic book further expands the backstory.

The box art also reveals the physical copy will span two Blu-ray discs, making it the first ever two-disc PlayStation 5 title. Users should ensure ample room for the 121GB installation requirement.

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PS5 Owners Can Download Now, PC Coming 2024

While PS5 owners gain instant access, PC players will also get to unearth Forbidden West’s mysteries sometime in early 2024. The Complete Edition is now available to wishlist on Steam and the Epic Games Store in anticipation of its eventual launch.

But such expansive content demands significant storage space. The wait has been long, but PlayStation console owners can finally experience Aloy’s journey in its entirety with Complete Edition. And soon PC users impatiently awaiting their own trek into the Forbidden West will embark on the adventure too.

For now, PS5 gamers have an electrifying frontier to explore. The dangers and wonders of this machine-ruled realm await in the comfort of home. All the bonus features merely enhance the definitive Horizon saga so far. So ready your bow and get ready to dive into a bold vision of humanity’s future once more!

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Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition is now available on PS5, coming for PC in early 2024.

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