The Next Horizon Could Apply Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Mechanism

The Next Horizon Could Apply Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Mechanism
The Next Horizon Could Apply Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Mechanism

The Horizon franchise is an incredible example of a post-apocalyptic world featuring deadly, scary, and atrocious robotic creatures. Once they spot you, they will have no hesitations to eliminate you. Aloy must battle many intimidating, fast-moving machines, each with a unique ability coming at her constantly.

These intense fights with multiple agile robots can cause the lead character to spend arduous moments throughout the game. Therefore, it’s highly expected to see the consequences of these difficult battles on Aloy. But surprisingly, the truth is completely different.

No Wounds Seen Despite Constant Threats

In both Horizon Forbidden West and its prior part, Zero Dawn, it is impossible to see any scars, wounds, or bruises on Aloy’s body, face, and even outfit, in contrast to games like The Last of Us. Of course, the game is rated PEGI 16, and assigning some graphic violence could definitely level up the index, but Guerrilla Games can consider a similar approach for the sequel to make the dangerous world more interactive and realistic.

Similar to Spider-Man 2 Damage System

The Next Horizon Could Apply Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Mechanism (Spider-man)

To apply the feature, they can draw inspiration of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, an additional PEGI 16 video game released on 20 October, 2023. In this action open-world title, regardless of the observable minor scrapes on Peter and Miles after overwhelming fights, if the player wears one suit too long, it starts to appear worn and damaged until switching it out.

This simple and exciting feature, if applied in Horizon 3, and not only on Aloy, but also on any companion, will at least demonstrate the fright and heaviness of this universe, making it much closer to reality without limiting the game to younger players.

Any injuries shown have to be mild and not bloody for the next chapter. But at least hints of scrapes, cuts, and dirt on characters’ outfits would go a long way. The goal would be enhancing realism through visible effects of combat strain, not showing violence.

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Zero Dawn is accessible on PS4 and PC – Horizon Forbidden West only on PS4 and PS5.

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