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No Tomb Raider Demo Or Season pass

No Tomb Raider Demo

We have been using the social networking website (Twitter) to spy on Crystal Dynamics general global brand director (Karl Stewart) in order to get some information. We have since discovered that the new Tomb Raider game will not get a demo or season pass.

This will come as a huge shock to the fans of the series who have gotten excited with the lead up to the games long awaited release on March 5th. Although there will not be a demo, this was only so that the game can come as a surprise and the thinking behind it is quite clever in some ways.

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Karl simply does not want to deliver a spoiler in the form of a game demo so that gamers will have to either rent the game out, or buy it straight. The announcement of no season pass however is a strange one. We can’t see the benefit of not choosing the option to use the pass as it is a considerable reason for people to buy the game.

We now want to know you’re thoughts on all of this that has come to light about the Tomb Raider reboot. Comment using the field below and tell us whether you are disappointed or agree with the decision by Crystal Dynamics.

No Tomb Raider Demo
No Tomb Raider Demo

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