War Thunder (MMO) Announced For PS4

War Thunder PS4

Gaijin Entertainment have (today) announced that War Thunder, it’s very own military style MMO is currently in development and will be released on the Sony PlayStation 4.

The game is described as an MMO “massively multiplayer online” which will have integrated social capabilities and intelligent personalization installed into the title. War Thunder will be as good as it gets as far as modern MMO gaming is concerned.

It’ll contain real-time battles between war ships, tanks, infantry and fighter planes, for the ultimate war experience. All of which will be able to easily be controlled using the DualShock 4 controller. There will also be a state of the art head-tracking system, along with easy socialising tools that will all be supported via PlayStation Cloud.

War Thunder DualShock 4
War Thunder DualShock 4

Gaijin Entertainment’s creative director Kirill Yudintsev said: “We’re convinced that our cooperation with Sony will not only make the War Thunder franchise better, but it will give our fans a new level of gaming experience that will figuratively blow their mind.”

“Partnering with Sony Computer Entertainment is the most natural progression for the War Thunder brand, from our hugely successful beginnings on PC with more than 1.5 million players, to our recent announcement that War Thunder is under development for mobile devices.

“We are excited to bring War Thunder to the leading next-generation platform, the PS4,” he added.

War Thunder at this present time, is in an open beta stage on the Windows PC, if you want to signup and take part, visit the official website and retrieve the download from there.

War Thunder PS4
War Thunder PS4

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