Valve Launch Steam Trading Cards

Steam Trading Cards

Valve have officially announced today that they’ve launched Steam Trading Cards, a service that rewards loyal customers for gaming on Steam.

Steam Trading Cards
Steam Trading Cards

After coming out of a very long and extended beta stage, the new Steam Trading Cards are a great way for video gamers to earn numerous Steam rewards for playing through games and in-turn being rewarded with unique trading cards.

Once collected in bulk, these cards can then be used to acquire coupons, game badges, profile backgrounds, emoticons and a load more super cool bonuses.

There’s a very small list of titles that have so far signed up to participate in the trading cards service. The number currently stands at just over 30 participants and is growing all the time.

Some of the well known titles that you may of heard of include Left 4 Dead 2, FTL, Monaco, Brütal Legend, Company of Heroes 2, Magicka, GRID 2, Trine 2, Sanctum 2 and Super Meat Boy.

More titles will be sure to follow suit as well in the next couple of months and the list will expand dramatically.

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