Buy FIFA 14 Cheap On PS3 or Xbox 360 At Gamestop

The upcoming FIFA 14 game can be obtained on a really cheap deal from Gamestop, as they’re offering it for £5.97, as long as you trade in two video games that are from the approved list of a massive 156 titles. Gamers can still order the football/soccer title for the usual £39.97 price, and it’ll be shipped and arrive with a stamped addressed envelope where you must return two games from the list.

FIFA 14 Deals

FIFA 14 Deals

After roughly up to 10 days of waiting, you’ll then receive a refund of £34 and a receipt of the transaction and you can be playing one of the most highly anticipated titles of the year for simply trading in two games that you didn’t enjoy or played to death.

FIFA 14 Offers

FIFA 14 Offers

The biggest thing on people’s minds reading this article is, what exactly is this list made of, and I’m still not sure on what to do. Well, just head over to Gamestop now by clicking here, and you’ll see the full list of games, and they’re not all brand new titles either. There’s FIFA 13, F1 2012, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Forza 4, Just Dance 4 and many more. This special offer should last throughout pre-ordering and pretty much work as a pre-order bonus bundle deal.

FIFA 14 will be out on September 24th in North America, and September 27th worldwide.

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