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2023 to Bring Stunning Graphics Updates to Unity Games


Unity, the popular game engine used by developers to create a vast array of video games, is set to receive a series of exciting graphical updates. During a talk at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), Mathieu Muller, the product manager for graphics at Unity, shared details about the company’s roadmap for games in 2023. The focus of the talk was on the upcoming improvements to the engine’s graphics, with better lighting, water effects, faces, and more in the works.

One of the key announcements at the talk was the news that Directx 12, which has been in preview stage, will be coming out with the 2022 LTS release in the spring. This is a major update that will help improve the performance of Unity games. Additionally, the much-anticipated ray tracing rendering effect will also be out of preview with the 23.1 LTS release, which should make a big difference in the overall visual quality of Unity games.

One of the most exciting updates coming to Unity is its new render graphic system. Currently in testing phase, this system is expected to improve the performance of Unity games by rendering more efficiently. When it comes to visual effects (VFX), Unity is also making some significant improvements. Future LTS releases will allow for better visual fidelity for smoke effects with a six-way lighting system, which should make fog and explosions look more realistic. Screen space lens flares, which create lens flares on shiny objects and surfaces, will be among the features of the 23.1 LTS release.

Another exciting feature coming to Unity is adaptive probe volumes. This technology enables Unity to automatically place light sources into scenes, making the process of adding good-looking lighting quicker and more efficient. This will result in far better looking lighting with Unity games that will be using the tool in-game.

One of the most anticipated graphical updates coming to Unity is improved water simulation. With waves, ripples, and foam, future Unity games should feature more realistic-looking oceans and rivers. Unity’s acquisition of vegetation modeling company Speedtree back in 2021 is also set to bear fruit with better-looking trees and other vegetation in future games. This will make game worlds more lifelike and immersive for players.

Finally, Unity games are set to benefit from better facial animations. Unity has acquired ZIVA VFX and its facial tech, which will be available to developers later this year. This technology will help ensure that characters in Unity games have more natural and lifelike facial animations, avoiding the off-putting and botched animations that can sometimes be seen in games.

The Unity roadmap for games in 2023 is packed with exciting updates and improvements, aimed at making Unity games look and feel even better than they already do. While many of these updates may not be immediately noticeable to players, the overall effect should be to make Unity games more immersive and engaging than ever before. Developers will also benefit from these improvements, as they will be able to create better-looking games more efficiently than ever before.

It is clear that Unity is committed to remaining at the forefront of the game engine market, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible. With these updates set to arrive in 2023, Unity games are set to become even more visually stunning and engaging, making for a more enjoyable gaming experience for players around the world. Whether you are a developer or a player, there is no denying that the future of Unity games looks bright.

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