Pokemon GO Season 11: Mega Rayquaza Arrives

Mega Rayquaza arrives in Pokémon GO
Mega Rayquaza arrives in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO: Embracing Season 11 with Mega Excitement

Niantic recently dropped a bombshell announcement, unleashing Mega Rayquaza onto the unsuspecting Pokemon GO universe. Season 11 of Pokemon GO might still be in its infancy, but it hasn’t stopped Niantic from gifting players with exciting developments and intriguing novelties.

Despite a bit of a hiccup concerning the remote raid passes, Season 11 is off to a promising start. It flagged off June’s Community Day with an uber-rare Pokemon and announced further freebie offers via Amazon Prime Gaming, extending its blossoming partnership with the retail giant initiated the previous year. Plus, Pokemon GO’s online shop has expanded its reach, tempting trainers with tantalising, time-limited offers and exclusive packages.

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Pokemon GO: The Unveiling of Mega Rayquaza at Pokemon GO Fest 2023

Yet, all these events pale in comparison to the main attraction – Pokemon GO Fest 2023. This mega bash is poised to host the grand entrance of Mega Rayquaza. This formidable Dragon/Flying-type, part of Pokemon’s illustrious Gen 3 Legendary trio with Kyogre and Groudon, will make its initial bow in physical raids in London, Osaka, and the Big Apple. Mega Rayquaza’s battle is open to all, though ticket holders exclusively bag Mega Energy. Following these initial in-person clashes, the mighty beast will make its worldwide raid debut on Sunday, June 27th, at Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global.

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Partaking in gym or raid battles with Mega Rayquaza promises a tantalising bonus that escalates the damage inflicted by Pokemon in the same raid or gym. After successfully Mega Evolving Rayquaza, players will be rewarded with additional XP and Candy when they capture Flying-, Psychic-, or Dragon-type Pokemon.

Rayquaza’s Unique Mechanic

Rayquaza’s Mega Evolution, however, has an exciting twist. It requires a bit more than just Mega Energy. Trainers must first impart the Charged Attack Dragon Ascent to the creature, achievable exclusively through the new item, the Meteorite. Attendees of Pokemon GO Fest can acquire this item by completing an exclusive Special Research story. On the global day of the event, those who log in will receive a shorter Special Research story that rewards a Meteorite upon completion. The arrival of Mega Rayquaza marks the second significant debut at Pokemon GO Fest, following Niantic’s announcement that Diancie is finally entering the Pokemon GO fray.

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Exclusive to Pokemon GO raids, Rayquaza stands shoulder-to-shoulder with fan favourites like Lugia and Mewtwo. With the introduction of this powerful variant of one of Pokemon GO’s top Dragon-types, Pokemon GO Fest becomes an even more thrilling prospect. It promises ample entertainment for all players, even those unable to make it to the physical events.

Pokemon GO is ready for action on iOS and Android devices now.

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