NBA 2K24 Patch Brings Quick Fixes Amid Promises of Major Overhaul

NBA 2K24 Patch v1.3 Notes
NBA 2K24 Patch v1.3 Notes

The latest patch notes for the controversial basketball sim NBA 2K24 detail planned fixes and tweaks for gameplay, MyCareer mode, and more. The newest entry in 2K Sports’ long-running franchise has proven divisive, with many fans decrying a lack of meaningful improvements. But update 1.3 aims to address complaints in the short term while a larger update looms.

Despite backlash, NBA 2K24 did introduce some fan-requested features like crossplay between current-gen platforms and enhancements to popular single player experiences. Most notably, the acclaimed “The W” women’s career mode received new career paths and improved character customisation. Authentic signature skills are there and even legendary player Kobe Bryant was made the cover star.

However, update 1.3’s patch notes showcase 2K’s efforts to smooth out issues raised since launch. Changes include tightened perimeter defense checks to reduce “ghost contests” and MyCareer bug fixes. The City also saw general stability improvements and Social menu fixes. Check out the full patch notes below.

NBA 2K24 Full Patch Notes For Update 1.3

Patch Notes
– Tightened up perimeter defensive coverage checks to reduce “ghost contests”
– Increased the make window size of open meter dunks
– A number of fixes to overall game stability while in the City have been made to improve user experience
– Resolved an issue at the end of Rec games that would send the user to the game’s main menu following a black screen
– Functionality and stability improvements have been made to the Social Menu as we work to provide a more seamless experience
– The RISE-specific Heat Check Booster has been adjusted to activate after 3 made shots in a row rather than 4
– Fixed a user-reported issue that caused an indefinite hang when attempting to load a MyCAREER save
– Resolved a rare issue preventing rewards from being received upon the completion of some quests, including Rebirth and certain Badge Perks
– Closed a loophole that could cause issues getting through the offseason when attending practice after the final game of the NBA season
– Made some adjustments to ensure that Flashback games can be played at any time during the NBA season

MyCareer specifically had an adjustment to the RISE affiliation’s “Heat Check Booster,” now requiring less consecutive makes to activate.

A Bigger Patch Is Incoming In October

NBA 2K24 Stadium

Alongside these immediate tweaks, 2K revealed a larger, sweeping patch is slated for October. This aims to address bigger community complaints needing more development time.

The transparency and commitment to improving NBA 2K24 follows harsh critiques of the game as an overly familiar rehash. Recently it even claimed the dubious record for lowest Steam user review scores of all-time, dethroning the similarly panned Overwatch 2.

Like Blizzard, 2K Sports faces resentment from dismayed fans despite positives like the acclaimed revamped career mode. By acknowledging issues and providing frequent updates, the publisher hopes to rebuild strained trust. Fans voiced there concerns by claiming that it’s the exact same title but just that another year has passed.

While no overnight fixes, updates like 1.3 show 2K is listening and incrementally improving the experience. And the promised October patch suggests significant strides on known pain points are still to come.

Winning back skeptical fans requires consistency and patience. But concrete actions like comprehensive post-launch support aim to demonstrate 2K’s commitment to righting the course. If these efforts pay off, there may yet be smooth sailing ahead for the embattled Basketball title.

NBA 2K24 is out now for Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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