GTA Online Halloween Update Adds Ghostbusters Car and Ghosts

GTA Online Halloween Treasure Hunt Update

GTA Online Halloween Update Adds Ghostbusters-Style Car, Johnny Klebitz Ghost.

GTA Online Halloween Treasure Hunt Update

The latest Grand Theft Auto Online Halloween event has delivered creepy new content, including a vehicle clearly inspired by Ghostbusters’ iconic Ecto-1 car. Additionally, players can now find the ghost of Johnny Klebitz from GTA IV, realising a longstanding rumour.

As in previous years, Rockstar has unleashed seasonal scares in GTA Online for Halloween 2023. Highlights include a photo hunt to expose roaming ghosts and three new deathmatch modes with horror themes. The developers tweeted out the news via social site X to their fan-base which can be viewed below:

The Albany Brigham muscle car is this update’s signature addition. Its Ghosts Exposed livery, earned through the ghost photo challenges, makes the car resemble Ecto-1, though not precisely for legal reasons.

Among the wandering spirits to uncover is a surprising cameo—the apparition of Johnny Klebitz, protagonist of GTA IV’s Lost and Damned expansion. Trevor Phillips killed Klebitz in GTA V’s opening, and fans have long joked Klebitz’s ghost haunted the murder scene. This update manifests the urban legend.

Capturing all 10 ghost photos, including Klebitz’s, rewards players with cash, XP, and the Ecto-1-esque Albany Brigham skin. Klebitz’s inclusion essentially canonises a fan theory that circulated for years.

Spooky Adversary Modes and Decorations Also Added

GTA Online Halloween Ghostbusters Car

Alongside the Albany Brigham and ghost hunt, Rockstar has added Halloween-themed Adversary Modes, roaming possessed animals, decorations, and other elements to amplify the spooky ambience. This is a welcomed distraction from all the GTA 6 teases and rumours that seem do be driving the fans crazy with anticipation.

The online element obviously doesn’t get enough attention from the devs as with the full game, but this is a decent update. The last being a patch for the San Andreas Mercenaries which was released this past summer just gone.

While largely recycling past content, the holiday update does offer some fresh surprises, especially for fans of Ghostbusters and GTA lore. The Klebitz ghost realisation in particular may thrill longtime followers of the series.

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The Halloween festivities are live now, providing frights both familiar and new throughout November. Whether seeking ghosts or simply mayhem, players have ghoulish additions to explore in Los Santos this season.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available to play now on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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