PlayStation Unveils PS5 Cloud Streaming for PS Plus Premium

PlayStation Plus Premium - PS5 Cloud Streaming

Sony Unlocks the Power of the Cloud for PlayStation Plus Premium Subscribers with Exclusive New PS5 Game Streaming.

PlayStation Plus Premium - PS5 Cloud Streaming

Cloud gaming has increasingly become a staple of the video game industry, spearheaded by initiatives like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now. Not one to be left out of a major gaming trend, PlayStation has announced its foray into the cloud arena with a new PS5 game streaming capability launching soon for PlayStation Plus Premium members.

A video was uploaded to the official PlayStation YouTube channel that showcases the new features and can be viewed below:

PS Plus Premium – Cloud Streaming Trailer

YouTube video

The streaming feature will allow Premium subscribers to play a selection of PS5 titles directly from the cloud without needing to download full games. This could help mitigate pesky storage limitations on the console’s internal SSD or external hard drives.

Streamed games will include hits from the PlayStation Plus Extra catalogue like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West, trials of upcoming games like Hogwarts Legacy, and owned digital PS5 games like Fortnite. Hundreds of titles will be supported initially, with more added over time.

PlayStation Plus recently transitioned to a tiered subscription model, replacing the legacy PS Plus service. The Premium tier sits at the top for $17.99 monthly, adding a library of classic PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 games to the Extra tier’s collection of PS4 and PS5 downloads. Sony likely hopes the exclusive streaming perk can further entice gamers to upgrade to Premium.

Mimics Full PS5 Experience with 4K, HDR, and 3D Audio

PS5 Cloud Streaming on PlayStation Plus Premium

According to Sony, streamed games will provide a authentic, high-fidelity PS5 experience. Resolution can be set up to 4K with HDR colour and buttery smooth 60fps performance. PlayStation’s lauded Tempest 3D audio tech is supported for immersive soundscapes. Conveniences like screenshots, gameplay recording, and purchasing expansions and DLC will also be available while streaming.

The PS5 cloud streaming rollout begins October 17th in Japan, expands to Europe on October 23rd, and reaches North America on October 30th. For now, streaming is limited to PlayStation 5 consoles. But Sony hinted at expanding support to other devices in the future, perhaps even PC and mobile like Xbox Cloud Gaming. This cloud-focused approach acknowledges gaming’s shift to accessibility anytime, anywhere.

The subscription service has seen strong engagement since its revamp, especially for the Extra and Premium classic game libraries. But with Xbox Game Pass providing stiff competition, Sony likely hopes exclusive PlayStation 5 streaming can further propel Premium subscriptions. When combined with downloading, cloud access could make Premium’s catalogue of hundreds of titles even more enticing.

Cloud gaming’s rise has been rapid, and Sony doesn’t intend to ignore its momentum. While Premium already offered compelling retro downloads, streaming modern PS5 hits like Spider-Man could be an even bigger draw. It adds a great perk for fast, stable connections. For PlayStation faithful, playing the latest exclusives directly in the cloud could make Premium a must-have.

Source – PlayStation Blog

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