AEW Fight Forever Will Grow Through Post-Launch Updates

AEW Fight Forever Match Load Screen

AEW Fight Forever Set for Ongoing Updates Instead of Getting A Sequel.

AEW Fight Forever Match Load Screen

AEW Fight Forever, the wrestling video game featuring All Elite Wrestling talent, garnered positive reactions upon its launch earlier in 2023. Now new details have emerged about the developer’s post-release content plans and overall strategy for the title going forward.

Recently Signed Wrestlers Already Scanned for DLC

According to reports, AEW’s recent signees like Adam Copeland and Kota Ibushi have already been scanned so their characters can be added to Fight Forever’s roster via DLC updates. The Stadium Stampede match type was the first major downloadable addition. More wrestlers will likely follow to expand the playable lineup over time.

Rather than rush out a quick sequel, the intent is apparently to continue enhancing the current game through ongoing patches, wrestlers, match types, and other content drops. This allows the team to build on the solid core gameplay foundation already established.

However, there are signs that internal discussion and promotion of AEW Fight Forever has decreased within the company since its launch window. While the title was heavily pushed out the gate, it has not been a focal point during recent company meetings per backstage reports.

Solid Foundation to Build On Through Patches

AEW Fight Forever 4-man Battle Royal

Some staff changes may be contributing to this shift. Aubrey Edwards, AEW referee and former member of the gaming division, revealed she is no longer part of Fight Forever’s direct development. But she still works on branding and other game-related responsibilities.

The lack of sequel plans and reduced internal spotlight could simply indicate that it is taking a patient, hands-off approach to let the developers refine the wrestling title over time. With a quality base to build from, the Beat ’em up likely feels no urgency for an immediate follow-up.

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Fight Forever’s initial warm reception seemingly confirms that the wrestling brawler has potential for longevity with the right post-launch support. AEW seems prepared to take a slow burn approach rather than force out rushed sequels. Committing to steadily evolving one title could prove wise for building a satisfied player base among wrestling fans. But the lessened corporate attention will need to ramp back up to maintain the game’s momentum.

AEW Fight Forever is out now on Windows PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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