Battlefield 2042 Cracks Down on Hazard Zone XP Exploits

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Cinematic

Battlefield 2042 Cracks Down on Hazard Zone XP Exploits.

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Cinematic

Battlefield 2042 developer DICE has implemented temporary changes to the progression system in the game’s Hazard Zone mode in response to suspected XP farming exploits. XP gains have been reduced for gathering Data Drives and reviving teammates specifically within 12-player Hazard Zone matches.

Premptive Fix Targets Revival and Data Drive Exploits

According to DICE, these tweaks aimed at “unusual player activity” are a preemptive measure to curb potential methods of unfairly boosting XP totals in Hazard Zone. While not confirmed, speculation points to groups of possible exploiters repeatedly downing and reviving each other as well as farming Data Drives to grind huge amounts of progression.

Users from social media site X suspect such techniques are allowing some Hazard Zone players to gain XP faster than intended. However, DICE has not provided details on any specific abusive strategies being used before rolling out the hotfix. The developer stated that further explanations around the reasons for the changes are coming later.

For now, the reduced XP earnings only affect the niche Hazard Zone mode rather than Battlefield 2042’s main Conquest and Breakthrough playlists. The more obscure PvPvE format with AI enemies and small squads apparently allowed the alleged exploits to remain undetected for some time.

This discovery comes just as Battlefield 2042 has been seeing a substantial resurgence in interest and players thanks to Season 6 content updates and promotions. The game surpassed 100,000 concurrent Steam users during a free weekend, even breaking its all-time player count record previously set at launch.

A brand new 12v12 Killswitch mode was added to the FPS title a couple of days ago that arrived just in time for Halloween.

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Dark Protocol Cinematic

However, Hazard Zone does not seem to have benefitted whatsoever from this positive momentum. The mode remains essentially deserted by the wider Battlefield 2042 community. Isolation likely enabled the suspected XP exploitation to persist before eventually being uncovered and addressed.

DICE now faces the challenge of keeping general player rebound going while also specifically improving the negligible popularity. The niche 12-player mode clearly needs more than just progression tweaks to make its tactical squad play compelling. The developers are not shy to release updates when needed, so expect one to be announced in the foreseeable future.

Anti-Cheat Important But Content Equally Vital

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Gameplay 12v12

Fully stamping out XP exploits across all modes will be crucial to avoid alienating loyal players who progress fairly. But DICE must also bolster Hazard Zone’s unique identity with engaging features that entice soldiers back into dangerous extraction missions.

Future seasons require both robust anti-exploit measures and compelling new content if the shooter is to sustain its fragile recovery. DICE has an opportunity to turnaround a troubled live service game, but only by being both disciplined and creative simultaneously.

The community will be anticipating more details from DICE on exactly how and why certain Hazard Zone progression tactics were being misused. But the developer must also show a roadmap to overhauling neglected areas of the game like Hazard Zone post-launch.

If DICE can balance comprehensive anti-cheat and exploit cleanup with big picture revitalisation of the FPS title’s world, the iconic first-person shooter series may still reclaim its former glory.

Battlefield 2042 is out now on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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