Street Fighter 6 Reveals Ed as February 2024 DLC Fighter

Street Fighter 6 Ed Character Teaser Trailer

Capcom recently unveiled Ed, a returning brawler from Street Fighter 5, as the next DLC character coming to Street Fighter 6 in February 2024.

Street Fighter 6 Ed Character Teaser Trailer

Key Highlights:

  • Street Fighter 6 released in June 2022 to critical and commercial success.
  • Ed from SF5 was announced as the third Season 1 DLC fighter.
  • He will be available sometime in February 2024.
  • Ed uses swift boxing and Psycho Power abilities.
  • His reveal trailer depicts him fighting in a subway.
  • Ed joins new villain JP as Psycho Power users without Bison.
  • He is the third of four planned Season 1 characters.
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Since its smash hit launch, Street Fighter 6 players have enjoyed robust post-launch support from Capcom. New modes, balance changes, and additional fighters expand the experience.

The latest revealed DLC combatant is Ed, who previously debuted in the previous instalment as an agent of Shadaloo. His slick boxing moveset and Psycho Power abilities made him a community favourite.

Now Ed brings his potent mixture of fisticuffs and psychic abilities to SF6’s updated battles. Based on his reveal trailer, Ed remains swift and hard-hitting.

Filling Out the Season 1 Roster

Ed emerges as the third DLC character coming to Street Fighter 6 under the Year 1 Character Pass. Rashid and newcomer A.K.I. already joined the roster in 2023.

Veteran world warrior Akuma was confirmed as the fourth and final Season 1 fighter. He is set for a Spring 2024 release window.

Ed slots in around February, as confirmed by the developers. With roughly two to three months between new character launches, this mirrors the previous gaps seen last year.

Continuing Psycho Power’s Legacy

Street Fighter 6 Ed in the Subway
Image: GamesLatestNews

Interestingly, Ed and brand new antagonist JP are currently the only Psycho Power users on the base SF6 roster. Iconic boss Bison is absent for now.

So Ed and JP collectively carry on the legacy of the influential combat style centered around psychic domination. Their techniques channel its iconic purple visual flair.

The brawler represents a welcome classic adherent of the Psycho arts alongside JP’s fresh ambitions. It offers two perspectives on harnessing Psycho Power’s vicious potential.

The Beat ‘Em Up continues expanding its diverse brawler lineup with the imminent addition of Ed. His agile boxing repertoire excels at offensive pressure.

Ed proved one of the most popular and competitive SF5 DLC choices. Now SF6 players, both series veterans and newcomers, can master his flashy yet demanding playstyle.

With Akuma still to come, Season 1 wraps up four iconic fighters. This lays the foundation for a potential Season 2 pass to keep perfecting the fight beyond 2024.

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