Fortnite Adds Playable Solid Snake Alongside V28.10 Update

Fortnite Solid Snake Skin
Fortnite Solid Snake Skin

Key Highlights:

  • Iconic Metal Gear Solid character Solid Snake joins Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1
  • Snake outfit and items like cardboard box unlockable through limited time quests
  • Quests involve stealth tactics like hiding in boxes and using camouflage item
  • EMP Stealth Camo provides temporary invisibility with an EMP blast when disabled
  • Cardboard boxes scattered around the map allow sneaking while concealed
  • Update also returns fan favourite Anvil Rocket Launcher to match Snake’s explosive expertise

The legendary Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid has infiltrated Fortnite Battle Royale as an unlockable outfit in Chapter 5 Season 1. Players can live out tactical espionage action by completing limited time quests to obtain Snake’s costume and abilities.

Solid Snake Quests Reward Stealth Items

Those who purchased the Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass can now take on quests to unlock the Solid Snake outfit and related cosmetics. These quests require using stealth tactics like hiding in cardboard boxes and avoiding detection.

Snake’s inclusion brings appropriate stealth items to Fortnite. The EMP Stealth Camo allows brief invisibility to sneak up on foes unnoticed. Cardboard boxes scattered around the map let players blend into environments.

Gain XP for Metal Gear Objectives

Specific objectives to complete for Snake XP rewards involve:

  • Hiding in a cardboard box for 10 seconds
  • Damaging opponents within 10 meters for close quarters combat
  • Remaining undetected
  • Disabling security cameras and turrets
  • Using suppressed weapons

These goals encourage adopting Snake’s stealthy combat style.

Cardboard Nostalgia for Metal Gear Fans

The cardboard box, a series staple, unleashes nostalgia for Metal Gear fans while providing new tactical options. Players can sneak around unseen or use the box’s disguise to approach enemies unaware.

When deactivated, the EMP Stealth Camo creates an EMP blast to disable vehicles and damage shields in classic Metal Gear fashion. This item was first introduced in the Predator update a few seasons ago.

Snake’s Explosive Expertise Returns to Fortnite

Fortnite Old Snake Skin
Image Credit: Epic Games

Alongside Solid Snake’s arrival, the Anvil Rocket Launcher has also been unvaulted in the v28.10 update. This explosive weapon suits the iconic character’s penchant for heavy firepower.

Players can lock onto vehicles with the rocket launcher to blow them away, echoing Snake’s battle against mechanised foes like Metal Gear mechs.

v28.10 Patch Notes

Fixed an issue where players could sometimes be randomly eliminated in Snooty Steppes while walking along the cliffside.
Fixed an issue that could cause your crosshair to flick in another direction while you were sliding and aiming down sights with a scoped Sniper Rifle.
Fixed an issue where using the same Emote as a nearby player could result in you facing the wrong direction.

More Styles and Content For Battle Pass

On top of Snake, the update also added Super Level unlockable styles for Chapter 5 Season 1’s Battle Pass characters. Plus competitive FNCS 2024 details were revealed.

Fans are elated to finally unlock their very own playable Solid Snake complete with cardboard box shenanigans. The iconic stealth operative feels right at home traversing the battle royale island.

Some however worry the stealth items may enable unbalanced stealth playstyles going forward. But most are simply eager to jump into matches as the legendary gaming icon himself.

Solid Snake is the latest in a long line of crossovers importing pop culture icons into Fortnite. He brings a dose of tactical espionage action perfect for a battle royale setting.

Looking ahead,Chapter 5 Season 2 leaks point to an underwater theme with swimming. But for now, Snake provides the opportunity to feel like the ultimate spy infiltrating the island.

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