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Company of Heroes Closed Beta

Company of Heroes 2 Multiplayer Closed Beta Dated

Relic Entertainment have announced the multiplayer closed better for their upcoming Company of Heroes 2 video game. The beta will be running continuously for around two weeks and then come to a stop. This will include six¬†competitive maps to play across all the 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 game modes. The World War 2 video […]

Steam Early Access Feature

Early Access Feature Launched by Steam

A new feature called (early access) has been launched by steam in an attempt to join video gamers and developers together in a community. Now the gaming community can play selected and upcoming titles, whilst they are still in their early development stages. Gamers will be given the opportunity to experience the full development process […]

Xbox 360 US Sales

The Xbox 360 is The Top Console For February in US

It has been revealed that the Microsoft Xbox 360 is the top games console for February in the US. The Xbox 360 has now been the top selling video gaming console in the US for the past 26 months. That alone is a staggering statistic and one that Microsoft will surely be pleased with. The […]

Battlefield 4 Event

Battlefield 4 Details to be Unveiled at EA Event

The San-Fransisco press conference that is due to take place on March 26th will be the moment that Electronic Arts unveil Battlefield 4 for the very first time. The event was previously teased by EA for a number of weeks, but having seen rumours all over the net, they’ve finally admitted that the event is […]

Some Useful Crysis 3 Multiplayer Tips

THE ACTUAL MODES Seeker – Distinctive Viral dependent game setting with 5 models. A arbitrarily chosen group of 2 Hunters. armed along with Bows as well as infinite stealth energy need to eliminate CELLULAR Operatives who’ve crash landed within the level. The actual CELL possess one goal, to attempt to survive till their EVAC occurs. […]

Star Wars: First Assault Latest Info

The Star Wars: First Assault game has been on and off for the past couple of months now. Apparently it’s a downloadable multiplayer game that is set to coexist with Battlefront 3. Gaming sites first got light of First Assault back in October 2012. Since then though, Walt Disney have acquired the Star Wars brand/franchise […]

Scott Pilgrim vs The World DLC Out Now on PSN

The Scott Pilgrim vs. The World downloadable content has been released today for the PlayStation 3. The game is a beat em up type video game without an online mode. That has all changed now though, with the new DLC offering players an online multiplayer mode for the first time. The pack will sell in […]

New Game Releases For March 11-17

Each week we try and bring you a list of all the newest video games that are going to be released each and every week. Now we bring you the full list of all the new game releases for next week, starting from 11th March ending and up to the 17th March. PlayStation 3 Sniper: […]

Battlefield 4 May Appear at the GDC

Electronic Arts might be teasing gamers with a little taster of a possible Battlefield 4 game at the upcoming GDC event. According to the game news site IGN, the curious color pallet actually looks a lot similar to a Battlefield type design. The gaming news site have received a personal invite to the Game Developers […]

Amazon US Pulls The Plug on SimCity

Electronic Arts will not be happy to learn that Amazon has officially resorted to taking down the game off of their US section of the site. The reason is the constant complaints about the game and consistent negative reviews from angry buyers. The SimCity game was launched in North America just c couple of days […]