The Xbox 720 Release Date For 2013

Xbox 720

There will be millions of gamers out there that are dying to know exactly when the official release date of the Xbox 720 is. Well we have some more information on the date and it is rumoured to be the 11th June 2013. That is the exact day the this years first E3 meeting event is expected to take place.

At the event many are suspecting that Microsoft will make a huge announcement with regards to the release date of the new Xbox 720 console. So the countdown has now officially begun and gamers alike should be in a good mood after this piece of news.

With that being the day that the console gets a release date, we have reason to believe that it may come out in November 2013 in the US. Although Europe will not be far behind with the machine expected to arrive there not long afterwards.

There’s No Confirmation of Name Just Yet!

The name 720 is not yet completely confirmed, as there is growing speculation that it may indeed be named Xbox 8 for some reason. The other main name that is being used is Xbox Loop which has a certain ring to it. We just hope that it is called 720 because everyone seems to have taken a liking to that name.

The machine itself is supposedly going to be a lot more quieter which is a good call by developers Microsoft. Some duel graphics chips would be the cause of this and the new addition will be a much welcomed one by most owners. Also the console will support 1080p which won’t come as a surprise to some.

So let us know what you think on the latest news regarding the Xbox 720 and get in touch with us. We want to hear your views on anything to do with the new Microsoft console with your comments below.

Xbox 720
The Xbox 720 gets release date

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