Resident Evil Revelations Raide Mode Characters Trailer

Capcom have revealed in a new video, that more additional content in the form of two brand new DLC characters will be coming to Resident Evil Revelations early next week.

The two new additions will be for the co-op action Raide Mode and fans can get excited about who it’s going to be. First up will be Rachael Ooze, who’s an infected mutation of the quite mysterious blonde woman. Last but not least, there’s to be a female version of one of the series most popular stars in Hunk. This character is called Lady Hunk, so there’s not a chance of forgetting that name in a hurry.

Resident Evil Lady Hunk

Resident Evil Lady Hunk

The downloadable content will be available for 240 Microsoft Points or €2.99 / £1.90 / $2.99. The DLC pack will be available to download on Tuesday June 11th, so put that date down in your calender Resident Evil fans. Check out the footage below and let us know what you think.

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