COD: Ghosts DLC Season Pass & Profiles Transfer To Cross-Gen

It’s been announced that players who decide to purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts on the current-gen video game consoles, will have the option to import their profiles onto the next-generation platforms. Gamers must note however, the transferring system only works for the selected brands. So for example, PS3 data won’t be able to be transferred over to the Xbox One, and vice-verse.

COD Ghosts Next-Gen Transfer

COD Ghosts Next-Gen Transfer

If you’re thinking of buying the season pass for the downloadable content, all of that content will also transfer over to the new console in the exact same way. This will most probably start a trend, as more gaming developers and publishers will most probably jump on board and want their series of titles to go for the transferring of data from the current platforms, over to the next-gen versions.

What do you make of this news story? Are you happy that you won’t lose any of your data, should you wish to upgrade to the PS4 or Xbox One when they’re released? Give us your thoughts by using the comments box designated below.

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