Star Wars Outlaws: Tatooine’s Notorious Jabba The Hutt Up For Business Deals

Star Wars Outlaws Jabba The Hutt Jobs
Star Wars Outlaws Jabba The Hutt Jobs

In the forthcoming Star Wars Outlaws, Jabba the Hutt, Tatooine’s infamous gangster, isn’t just making a cameo — he’s handing out the job orders.

Ubisoft’s open-world brainchild, Star Wars Outlaws, whisks players into a close encounter with Jabba the Hutt, Tatooine’s notorious kingpin. Weaving through the galaxy’s grittier quarters is Kay Vess, a crafty bounty hunter and smuggler, flanked by her trusty sidekicks, ND-5 and Nix.

New Behind The Scenes Trailer For Star Wars Outlaws

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Expect to tread familiar terrain, including the bustling spaceport of Mos Eisley and the gilded decadence of Jabba’s palace. What’s more, every choice carries weight, thanks to the game’s innovative Reputation system, rewarding shrewd negotiations and sharp dealings with juicy incentives and coveted discounts.

The much-awaited open-galaxy offering from Ubisoft, is breaking hyperspace soon, and you’d better believe Jabba the Hutt is along for the ride. Unveiled in June 2023, the trailblazing trailer suggests that the space wizards at Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft are out to whip up an interstellar sensation.

Taking a hard left from the Jedi-centric tales of Fallen Order and Survivor, Star Wars Outlaws thrusts players into the jet boots of Kay Vess, a charmingly roguish bounty hunter. Armed with wit, grit, and ND-5, her loyal former Separatist Battle Droid, she’s carving a path through the galaxy’s seedy underbelly, with the versatile alien ally Nix adding a spicy dash of extra firepower.

Jabba’s Palace: An Unmissable Pit Stop in Star Wars Outlaws

While Outlaws promises to shuttle Kay and crew off to unseen corners of the Star Wars universe, there’s one well-trodden sand dune Ubisoft couldn’t resist — Mos Eisley, Tatooine’s infamous melting pot of mischief. At the recent San Diego Comic-Con, the dev team let slip that players would rub shoulders (or tentacles) with the notorious Jabba the Hutt himself.

Ubisoft, ever keen on “visual tourism” à la Assassin’s Creed, pledges to provide a definitive map of Tatooine’s moisture farms in relation to Mos Eisley’s renowned local cantina. With the game’s storyline nestled snugly between Episodes 5 and 6, gamers will even get a frosty glance at a carbonite-encased Han Solo, stashed away in Jabba’s palatial crib.

Star Wars Outlaws Behind The Scenes

Bear in mind, Star Wars Outlaws will incorporate a Reputation system — and who you know in a galaxy far, far away can count for a lot. Play nice with the big slugs and you might snag discounted goods, exclusive missions, and the keys to the city… or at least a new quadrant of the map. Given the Hutt Cartels’ stranglehold on the Outer Rim during the Galactic Empire’s heyday, it’s a good bet they’ll play a hefty role in Kay’s exploits.

Recently it was revealed that the title may be skipping the biggest digital gaming platform Steam upon release. Although fresh gameplay footage is still on the horizon, it’s a safe bet we’ll be granted a closer peek sooner rather than later.

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Star Wars Outlaws is revving up for a 2024 launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. May the force (and a sturdy blaster) be with you!

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