Pikmin 4 Update 1.0.2 Fixes Bugs, Adds Loading Screen Progress

Pikmin 4 September Update 2023
Pikmin 4 September Update 2023

Nintendo has released a new update for Pikmin 4, continuing their trend of steady post-launch support in 2023. Version 1.0.2 focuses mainly on bug fixes but also introduces a useful new loading screen feature.

The main fixes target specific issues that could potentially block progression or cause other inconveniences. For example, some disappearing treasures, frozen dialogue, missing characters, and glow sap shortages were addressed. The patch notes advise reloading saves after updating to apply fixes retroactively if encountering these problems.

Other general fixes resolve exploits like massively increasing Pikmin numbers and fix bugs around treasures becoming unmovable. Additional miscellaneous fixes improve overall gameplay experience.

Beyond bug correction, the most visible change is a new loading screen progress bar displaying time remaining until loaded. This provides helpful visibility into the loading process rather than staring at a static screen.

Pikmin 4 Update 1.0.2 Patch Notes

Patch Notes
Bug Fixes (Applied after Reloading Save Data)
– Fixed an issue where some treasures would disappear when the player rewound time.
– Fixed an issue where dialogue would fail to proceed when the player talked to castaways with side missions.
– Fixed an issue where all characters would disappear from the Rescue Command Post.
– Fixed an issue where the player would not have enough glow sap needed for treatment. (If the player doesn’t have enough glow sap as a result of this bug, their stock will be replenished with that amount at the end of the day.)
Other Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where the player could significantly increase the number of Pikmin.
– Fixed an issue where the player’s screen would remain dark after they skipped a cutscene.
– Fixed an issue where some treasures would stop being transportable. (If the treasure was already in a state where it couldn’t be transported, it’ll return to its original position after three in-game days—then the player will be able to transport it.)
– Fixed other issues to improve gameplay experience.
Regarding Loading Times
– A progress bar has been added to loading screens so players can see progress on loading times. (For players who’ve purchased the digital version, loading times can be shortened by moving the software data to internal storage.)

Shorten Load Times By Following Nintendo’s Friendly Advice

Pikmin 4 Gameplay Screen

For digital owners, Nintendo recommends installing Pikmin 4’s data to internal storage rather than SD card to significantly shorten loading times. The progress bar makes the wait feel more palatable regardless.

Nintendo is renowned for ongoing support for the community and updates to bolster its major titles post-launch. Few other developers devote such attention to perfecting gameplay and user experience years after release.

While relatively minor in scope, updates like 1.0.2 show Nintendo’s care for crafting an optimal Pikmin 4 experience over time. The loading bar may seem trivial but improves quality of life. Squashing bugs preserves immersion.

Pikmin 4 is out now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Source – Nintendo

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