Pokemon GO Teases Upcoming Party Play Feature for 4 Players

Pokémon GO New On Party Feature

Pokemon GO Teases New Party Play Mode Allowing Up to Four Players to Team Up.

Pokémon GO New On Party Feature

Niantic has hinted at an exciting new multiplayer feature coming soon to Pokemon GO called Party Play. A brief teaser video posted on social media site X and leaked details suggest the mode will let up to four players team up for cooperative challenges.

Since launching in 2016, Pokemon GO has expanded its social features like trading and battling friends. But Party Play could take multiplayer to new levels by enabling small groups to explore and take on raids together.

A cryptic tweet showed four avatar silhouettes beside a raid egg, while a follow-up video displayed four phones unboxing a gift. Dataminers previously uncovered evidence that Party Play will allow choosing which players see your location while tackling raids and routes.

Feature Would Show Friends’ Locations While Teamed Up

Allowing up to four players to journey together would be a first for the augmented reality mobile title, which currently only shows nearby friends and players during shared battles. Niantic’s other game, Pikmin Bloom, uses a similar opt-in avatar visibility feature during flower planting.

Safety considerations around displaying real-time player locations will likely be addressed. But the ability to finally see friends wandering the map and cooperate directly could excite fans.

Pokémon Go Party Play

Pokemon GO has received several updates like PokeStop, Routes and Shadow Raids lately. But Party Play’s four-player raids and exploration could become the most impactful 2023 addition. The developers often showcase community days too each month that gathers fans from all around the world to celebrate the game.

While details remain unconfirmed, the teasers strongly suggest Niantic aims to expand the social experience this year despite recent layoffs and refocusing. Many nostalgic fans yearn for more ways to enjoy the game together.

If executed responsibly, Party Play could fulfil those wishes and reinvigorate the community. The feature appears poised to supercharge cooperative play if the leaks accurately reflect Niantic’s plans.

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Most mobile pocket enthusiasts eagerly await official Party Play specifics, but the concept alone should generate hype. For an IP built on bonds and friendships, introducing four-player parties could help the augmented reality mobile game strengthen its social ties.

Pokemon GO is out now for on iOS and Android devices.

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