Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Closed Beta Kicks Off in November

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Teaser Trailer Cinematic

Kingdom Hearts Mobile Closed Beta Registration Now Open.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Teaser Trailer Cinematic

Registration is now open for a closed beta test of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts mobile game Missing Link. The beta debuts this November in certain regions before Missing Link’s full launch in 2024.

Key Highlights:

  • Missing Link closed beta runs November 29 – December 8
  • Registration open now in UK and Australia
  • iOS beta first, Android following in January
  • Action RPG with Disney character assists
  • Occurs before main Kingdom Hearts 4 release

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is expanding to mobile platforms with Missing Link, described as a GPS-based action RPG. A closed beta will offer the first hands-on with the iOS and Android spin-off.

UK and Australia residents can currently sign up on the Kingdom Hearts website for a chance to participate in the beta test from November 29th through December 8th. An Android version will follow separately in January 2024.

Missing Link lets players battle the series’ Heartless enemies across various environments. Familiar Disney faces like Mickey, Aladdin and Rapunzel appear as special attack summons rather than party members.

YouTube video

Location-Based Multiplayer Hinted

Gameplay blends real-time combat against Heartless with exploration. The Trailer showcases a map interface where player location ties into gameplay, suggesting potential for location-based multiplayer battles similar to Pokémon Go.

Up to three other players can form an adventuring party if within close physical proximity. The early access will support PS4, PS5 and Xbox controllers alongside touch controls.

Story and setting details remain mostly unknown, but Missing Link occurs in the series universe prior to upcoming flagship sequel Kingdom Hearts 4. Supporting characters include established Keyblade wielders Sora and Riku.

The return to the ethereal Scala ad Caelum world from previous titles hints at narrative connections. But Square Enix clarifies Missing Link tells a distinct original story allowing newcomers to dive in.

Bringing Kingdom Hearts’ charming blend of Final Fantasy and Disney franchises to mobile represents a natural extension for the acclaimed series. Missing Link’s gameplay innovations like location-based multiplayer and controller support could enhance the formula.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Door Opening Scene

The closed beta marks the first public test. Offering iOS access first allows focused feedback ahead of an expanded Android evaluation version. Restricting initial participation to UK and Australia lets Square Enix manage scale.

But expanded regional betas will likely follow to stress test servers before full launch. The latest entry seems poised to deliver a polished, optimised mobile experience drawing from decades of the franchise’s legacy.

The beta arrives as Kingdom Hearts 4 aims to push the main series forward on console and PC. While smaller in scope, Missing Link may pioneer valuable mobile gameplay applications to incorporate back into the core franchise.

And given the Kingdom Hearts IP’s multi-generational appeal, a well-executed mobile iteration makes the series readily accessible for younger audiences. If successful, Missing Link could become a substantial new pillar of the series ecosystem.

For now, UK and Australian devotees are privileged with first access to Missing Link’s maiden voyage. Sign-ups are open, so fans shouldn’t hesitate to register for the chance to help perfect this highly anticipated mobile chapter.

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