Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: A Deep Dive into the Conclusion and Post-Credits Sequences

Peter And Miles Fight Venom
Miles And Peter Stand Together

The arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, initially hinted at in 2021, promised an even more ambitious narrative, introducing Kraven the Hunter, The Lizard, and most notably, Venom.

Key Highlights:

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 concludes with the defeat of Venom and the rescue of New York City.
  • Post-credits scenes hint at the Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, and the introduction of a new hero, Silk.
  • Norman Osborn’s “G Serum” teases his transformation into the Green Goblin.
  • Insomniac Games paves the way for Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 with these tantalizing developments.
  • The article offers a detailed exploration of the thrilling conclusion and the exciting prospects for the next game in the series.

The Epic Showdown: How Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Concludes

In true superhero fashion, the sequel culminates with Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales defeating Venom and rescuing New York City, and by extension, the entire world, from a symbiote takeover.

Their heroic act involves the destruction of a meteorite, the source of the symbiote’s power, which had bound itself to Harry Osborn, leading to the creation of Venom.

Although Harry’s life is spared from the symbiote’s clutches, he suffers severe injuries from the ordeal and initially succumbs.

Thankfully, Miles utilizes his electrical abilities to revive Harry, pulling him back from the brink of death.

While Harry remains comatose due to the symbiote’s influence, his father, Norman Osborn, places the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Spider-Men for his son’s condition.

Desperation drives Norman to reach out to an undisclosed party, instructing them to prepare the enigmatic “G Serum.”

In an earlier part of the game, Norman was shown to be working on an experimental project aimed at saving Harry. It becomes apparent that this serum is the embodiment of his experiment.

In the aftermath of their battle with Venom, Peter informs Miles of his intention to step back from the role of Spider-Man temporarily, focusing on his personal life.

Miles reassures Peter of his capability to safeguard New York as the sole Spider-Man and persuades him that the city will remain secure.

The game concludes with Miles swinging off to thwart an ongoing crime while Peter, accompanied by his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, stays in their home in Queens.

Peter And Miles Fight Venom
Peter And Miles Fight Venom

Post-Credits Teasers: Unlocking Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Mysteries

The first post-credits scene unfolds as Norman Osborn visits Otto Octavius, also known as Dr. Octopus, who is incarcerated.

Still resentful over his son’s plight, Norman beseeches Otto to divulge the identities of both Spider-Men, convinced that Otto possesses this knowledge.

Otto, however, refuses to comply and cryptically hints at writing “the final chapter” of an undisclosed book while behind bars.

The second post-credits scene takes us to Miles’ home, where he is with his mother, Rio Morales, preparing to meet her new romantic interest.

As Miles’ love interest, Hailey, arrives, a knock on the Morales family’s door heralds the arrival of Albert Moon, accompanied by his daughter, Cindy.

The camera refrains from revealing Cindy’s face as she greets Miles, Rio, and Hailey.

Norman Osborn Talks To Otto
Norman Osborn Talks To Otto In The First Post-Credits Scene

Marvel’s Spider-Man 3: The Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus Connection

With this conclusion, it’s evident that Insomniac Games has plotted the course for Marvel’s Spider-Man 3, even if a formal announcement from PlayStation is yet to emerge.

The most conspicuous hint for the next game revolves around Norman Osborn, who appears to be on the path towards becoming the Green Goblin.

The “G Serum” mentioned by Norman will likely be administered by himself, setting the stage for his transformation into the malevolent Green Goblin in the third Spider-Man instalment.

Given Norman’s newfound vendetta against the Spider-Men, this virtually guarantees a showdown in the third installment, with Green Goblin poised to become the principal antagonist.

While Green Goblin’s emergence is unmistakable, it also appears that Dr. Octopus will make a comeback.

The nature of his involvement in the next title remains shrouded in mystery, but his brief cameo at the conclusion of the game suggests that he harbours a desire for retribution against our Friendly Neighbourhood Hero.

Whether he might align himself with Green Goblin remains uncertain, but it is increasingly likely that we have not seen the last of Dr. Octopus.

Norman Asks For The G Serum
Norman Asks For The G-Serum

Silk: A New Hero on the Horizon in Marvel’s Spider-Man 3

Lastly, the revelation of Cindy Moon holds significance as it hints at the introduction of a third Spider character in Marvel’s Spider-Man 3.

For those less acquainted with Spider-Man comics, Cindy ultimately assumes the identity of Silk. Much like Miles and Peter, Silk possesses similar arachnid abilities and often collaborates with her fellow Spider-Men in the protection of New York City.

Over the past decade, she has grown into a prominent character in Marvel comics, and a TV series featuring her is in development for Prime Video.

Insomniac seems inclined to incorporate her into their video game universe, potentially providing a third playable character in the future.

As we eagerly anticipate the official announcement of Marvel’s Spider-Man 3, the groundwork laid by Insomniac promises an electrifying continuation of the web-slinging adventures in the bustling city of New York.

With the impending clash between Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, and the emergence of Silk, the future of Spider-Man’s world looks set to be as thrilling as ever.

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