Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: A Treasure Trove of Marvel Easter Eggs

Peter and Miles Hunt Lizard
Peter and Miles Hunt Lizard

The sprawling metropolis of New York City in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 isn’t just a playground for web-swinging and crime-fighting; it’s also a haven for die-hard Marvel fans, brimming with Easter eggs and references to the wider Marvel universe.

In this comprehensive breakdown, we’ll delve into the exciting discoveries players have made within the game.

Key Highlights:

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is teeming with Easter eggs and references to the wider Marvel universe.
  • New interactions and unique nods can be discovered throughout the game, offering a treasure trove of surprises for fans.
  • From the Wakandan Embassy to the Baxter Building, various iconic locations are woven into the game’s open-world experience.
  • The game pays homage to popular characters like Black Panther and Wolverine through gestures and suit choices.
  • Familiar landmarks, such as the Sanctum Sanctorum, provide exciting backdrops for main story missions.
  • The concept of “Damage Control” from the comics finds its way into the game, addressing the aftermath of superhero conflicts.
  • A year after the events of Miles Morales, players can discover remnants, memorials, and the return of the Spider-Men mural.
  • A mysterious location teases a connection to The Hand and Daredevil, sparking anticipation among fans.

Wakanda Forever: A Tribute to Black Panther

In the Midtown district, players donning the role of Miles Morales can pay a heartwarming tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, the actor who portrayed Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

By approaching the Wakandan Embassy’s front door, they’ll be prompted to ‘Honor’ with a △ button press, leading to Miles performing the iconic Wakanda Forever gesture.

Miles Does Wakanda Forever
Miles Does Wakanda Forever

A New Baxter Building: Fantastic Four’s Base

Marvel’s Spider-Man games predominantly focus on the web-slinger’s world, but that doesn’t mean they ignore the broader Marvel landscape.

A delightful surprise awaits players at the southwestern tip of Central Park: the Baxter Building, home to the Fantastic Four in the comics.

Venturing to the roof reveals the unmistakable “4” logo, freshly painted, offering subtle proof of the team’s presence.

Wolverine Reference: “Best There Is” Suit

Miles Morales’ extensive suit collection boasts a suit named “Best There Is,” a nod to the famous Wolverine quote from the comics, “I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn’t very nice.”

This suit closely resembles the iconic yellow spandex outfit from the X-Men animated series, allowing players to channel their inner Wolverine with style.

The Sanctum Sanctorum: Doctor Strange’s Abode

While the Sanctum Sanctorum has made appearances in previous games, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 takes this mystical location to new heights.

Without delving into spoilers, a main story mission integrates the Sanctum Sanctorum in a unique and thrilling way, promising an exciting experience for players.

The Sanctum Sanctorum
The Sanctum Sanctorum

Damage Control: Addressing Post-Battle Cleanup

The game addresses the aftermath of Sandman’s devastating rampage in its opening sequence, leaving sections of the city in ruins.

Who comes to the rescue for cleanup?

Players will spot Damage Control banners scattered around the city, a reference to the comic company specializing in repairing property damage resulting from superhero and villain conflicts.

The Fallout of Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 unfolds a year after the events of Miles Morales, offering insights into the city’s state.

Players can find remnants of previous battles, including Miles and Phin’s science trophy at Trinity Church and the scars of Roxxon Tower’s climactic battle in the northern tip of the city.

Rick and Phin’s graves serve as somber reminders.

Rick and Phin Mason Graves
Rick and Phin Mason’s Graves

The Hand/Daredevil DLC Tease: A Mystery Unveiled

A peculiar location on the Upper West Side teases a mysterious narrative thread. Marked by a red flag and adorned with strange symbols, it hints at the presence of The Hand, an ancient and mystical clan of ninjas frequently associated with Daredevil in the comics.

With clues suggesting the relocation of Nelson and Murdock, fans are left in anticipation of what the game has in store.

Smaller Easter Eggs: Hidden Marvel Gems

Beyond the major revelations, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is packed with smaller Easter eggs that offer a delightful experience for players:

  • Lockjaw: The lovable but massive Inhuman pup statue returns, located north of Battery Park at Manhattan’s southern tip.
  • Coney Island Attractions: The amusement park at Coney Island features attractions named after Spider-Man villains, with references to Hydro Man, Big Wheel, Dazzler, and more.
  • Rubik’s Cube Air Trick: Peter Parker’s Spider-Man can showcase his intelligence by solving a Rubik’s Cube while free-falling through the city.
  • Stan Lee Statue: The iconic Stan Lee commemorative statue returns in the Upper West Side, paying tribute to the legendary Marvel creator.
Stan Lee Statue
Stan Lee Statue
  • Daredevil’s Mystery: A plaque on a building in Hell’s Kitchen suggests a change in Daredevil’s narrative, leaving players with questions about the character’s fate.
  • Insomniac’s Involvement: An intriguing reference to Insomniac Games is hidden in the sewers of New York during a main story mission, hinting at the developer’s playful involvement.
  • Amazing Fantasy #15: A Photo Help side mission introduces players to a budding photographer, inspired by Peter Parker’s first photo of Spider-Man, mirroring the iconic cover of Amazing Fantasy #15.
  • Madripoor Reference: The fictional island of Madripoor, known among comic-book fans, makes an appearance, connecting to potential future storylines.
  • Bye Bye Backpacks: Young Peter Parker discovers a webbed-up backpack in Midtown High, humorously addressing the collectible Backpacks from the previous game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 invites players to uncover a rich tapestry of references and Easter eggs, ensuring a captivating and immersive experience for fans and newcomers alike.

As players swing through the streets of New York, they can immerse themselves in the interconnected world of Marvel, making every web-slinging adventure a treasure hunt of discovery.

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