Resident Evil 4 Remake Merciless Knight Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Merciless Knight Request Guide
Resident Evil 4 Remake Merciless Knight Request Guide

Key Highlights:

  • The Resident Evil 4 Remake Merciless Knight Blue Request tasks Leon with defeating a powerful golden-armoured knight boss.
  • The target knight lurks deep inside the Castle’s Mausoleum, guarded by two lesser knights.
  • Using the environment wisely while eliminating the lesser knights first is key.
  • Defeating the Merciless Knight rewards Leon with 8 precious Spinels from the Merchant.

During his mission to rescue Ashley Graham from the deranged Ramon Salazar’s stronghold in RE4 Remake, Leon Kennedy discovers a Blue Request plea for help with a hulking “Merciless Knight” monstrosity running rampant. Never one to ignore the innocent in peril, our hero takes it upon himself to confront this dangerous new foe by journeying down into Salazar Castle’s shadowy depths.

Within the sprawling Mausoleum, Leon faces quite the intense test of skill and firepower against the Merciless Knight and its two lesser minions. But with some wise tactics, expert aim, and a little luck, victory can certainly be achieved. The prize? A generous 8 Spinels from the Merchant back upstairs.

Starting the Journey to the Mausoleum

Resident Evil 4 Remake Merciless Knight (Chapter 10) Blue Note Request
The Blue Note gets the side mission underway

After picking up the telling Blue Request Note in the room just south of the Grand Hall’s centrepiece Chimera statue, Leon passes through the nearby door and follows the straightforward path leading down to the Mausoleum elevator. Once inside, it’s time to battle!

Engaging the Merciless Knight and Its Twin Allies

RE4 Remake - twin silver knights
Image Credit: Capcom

As forewarned by the note, the hulking golden-clad Merciless Knight is flanked by two mundane silver knights upon arrival. All three foes wield massive Plaga-infused broadswords capable of killing Leon in just 2-3 direct hits. Needless to say, caution early on is critical until their numbers can be thinned.

The lesser knights should be eliminated first while using pillars and walls as cover. Lure them out and strike whenever there’s an opening. Your Combat Knife will specifically help greatly by parrying tendril attacks to enable counters. Soon enough, only the Merciless Knight remains to complete a hard-fought victory.

How To Defeat Resident Evil 4 Remake Merciless Knight

Leon fighting the Merciless Knight
This powerful mini-boss can be defeated in 20 secs using certain clever techniques

Even alone, the Merciless Knight is incredibly durable thanks to its golden armour. Its moves mirror the common knight enemies faced previously, albeit with enhanced strength and durability. Use the same strategies while playing smart.

The most effective method for defeating the Merciless Knight in under 20 seconds is to utilise the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle. Many gamers are unaware that shooting his helmet twice with this particular rifle, will activate and expose the Plaga weak point. Then, simply throw a grenade into that nasty parasite protrusion until the beast finally collapses for good!

It will only take one grenade and then you can use flash grenades to stun the other two if you decide to take the big guy out first. Using the elevator that you initially came down in is great, as all three enemies will not be able to attack you whilst you’re hiding in there.

If you don’t have any grenades or are low on them, using the Broken Butterfly magnum when the Golden Knight has lost its helmet, will only take one bullet. Whichever way you choose to do it, remains a matter of personal preference.

What is the reward of the Merciless Knight in RE4 Remake?

As Leon catches his breath amidst the carnage, remember to loot gemstones off the knights’ corpses. These fetch high sale prices for necessary upgrade funds. All that’s left is returning upstairs to proudly inform the Merchant of your grand success. In return, Leon earns his promised Merciless Knight bounty – 8 Spinels!

This is the 12th Merchant Request overall, that can be found in Chapter 10. Make sure to watch the video tutorial at the top of this page that showcases how to complete this objective in under 20 seconds.

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