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Battlefield 4 Second Assault

B4 Second Assault DLC To Land On Xbox One First

Once a technical delay was out of the way, Dice decided to show a little more of their Battlefield 4 single-player gameplay via Microsoft’s E3 conference. There was also room for the announcement of the game’s second DLC pack that’s named Second Assault. The map pack will be released onto Xbox One first, and then […]

New Battlefield 4 Screenshots Leaked Online

There’s been a massive showcasing of leaked screenshots from the upcoming Battlefield 4 shooter over at the official NSS site. The new images show off the homescreen, dog tags, the new integrated social network, menu, achievements, guns, the game’s weapons and it’s customization. The in-game screens look completely legitimate, and we don’t quite no how […]

Battlefield 4 E3

EA Plan More Battlefield 4 Surprises On June 10th

EA Games are planning to reveal more surprises for Battlefield 4 on June 10th, which include all the multiplayer details that gamers are after. EA recently confirmed their E3 press conference line-up. All of the news so far from the publisher on it’s highly anticipated shooter has been about the single-player campaign. Commenting on the […]

Battlefield 4 Beta

Leaked Image Reveals Battlefield 4 Beta Date

The release date for the Battlefield 4 beta stage has been leaked online via an image that was posted on the BF4Central website which they obtained from Twitter. The beta will be made available to the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 with a date set for September 24th this fall. B4 is one of […]

Battlefield 3 DLC Xbox Sale

Battlefield 3 DLC Sale Event Now on at XBL Marketplace

Electronic Arts first-person shooter (Battlefield 3 premium) is currently on sale with an amazing 30% off at the Xbox Live Marketplace. There’s currently a B3 sale going on at the XBLM at the moment, where you can also acquire any DLC that’s been released for the game for an incredible 50% off. The sale will […]

Battlefield 3 PC Issues

Battlefield 3 PC version Suffers Disconnect Issues

Dice working on a fix for B3 PC edition The PC version of Battlefield 3 has had some terrible disconnection problems over the past few days when players have tried to play multiplayer matches. The full development team over at Dice have said that they are currently working their hardest to create a fix for […]

Battlefield 4 Release Date

Battlefield 4 Release Date & Drone Strike DLC Revealed

The release date for the highly anticipated Battlefield 4 game will be the 31st of October 2013 according to EB Games promo details that were spotted on the B4Central website today. The promo also included an exclusive into the Battlelog 2.0 online gaming as well as the Drone Strike downloadable content that will be released […]

Battlefield 4 Info

Battlefield 4 What We Know So Far!

With the huge success of Battlefield 3, it was a sure shot that EA would have Battlefield 4 ready to rival the next Call of Duty. So with no real surprise Battlefield 4 was officially announced after a little teasing of the impending title. So the big question with every sequel is how does it […]

Battlefield IV News

Battlefield 4 May Not Include Motion Controls

It has been revealed that the upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 4 may not include motion controls in the final full version game. DICE executive producer Patrick Bach was the individual that has revealed this revelation regarding the much wanted feature. In an exclusive interview with Edge magazine, he said that this specific feature would not […]

Battlefield 4 Release Date

Xbox.com Forums Reveal Battlefield 4 Release Date

A blog post on the Xbox.com Forums has leaked out the official release date of Battlefield 4. That date being the 29th October 2013, which is a little under 7 months time. Dice or EA have so far, failed to announce an official release date for their upcoming shooter. Now with this latest revelation, it […]