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PS4 Release Date 2013, Reports Sony’s Europe ad

PS4 ad

An advertisement has appeared in today’s Metro confirming a 2013 release date for the Sony PS4 in Europe.

PS4 ad
PS4 ad

It’s a little small to see but the advert reads: “Now is the time. The world’s greatest players are going to entertain, create and amaze on the ultimate stage. This year a new generation will push the boundaries of play and share in moments of wonder. This year players will become legends. PS4. Coming 2013.”

Sony Computer Entertainment revealed the new PlayStation 4 back in February of this year, they said it would be out in 2013 in at least one region of the world.

It looks like they’ve chosen to go where the money is as there’s a high majority of countries that would opt to purchase the new next-gen system when it’s out. Sony won’t want to delay the release date beyond 2013 and running into 2014, they look like they’ve set Europe as their first major pick out of the worlds continents.

The actual PlayStation 4 itself has not been officially revealed to date, no-one actually knows what it looks like. However, Sony are set to unveil the machine at the E3 conference on June 10th next month. The coverage will start at 6PM Pacific time and will not want to be missed if you’re a hardcore gamer.

None of the next-gen consoles have been given release dates respectively, the Xbox One was announced this week and it looks set to go toe to toe with the PS4 this fall.

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