Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s Newest Feature Disabled Amid Exploit Concerns

COD Warzone 2 Backpack
COD Warzone 2 Backpack 1
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Raven Software has recently revealed that they’ve taken the step to disable a freshly added feature in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 – the option to stow perk packages in backpacks, due to its high exploitability. This action is in response to numerous game-altering issues that have been plaguing players of Warzone 2, impinging on their overall game experience.

The Problem with Perk Stowing

Warzone 2, since its inception in November 2022, has been laden with a series of peculiar bugs, offering certain players an unjust edge over others. For instance, the reintroduced Intervention gun in Warzone 2 suffered from a peculiar glitch that hindered the normal functioning of the sniper rifle. A bizarre bug also emerged that allowed players to hurl guns instead of grenades. Each substantial update has carried with it new glitches, leading to the inevitable disabling of specific weapons and features. On the brighter side, Raven Software and Infinity Ward have been consistently prompt in rectifying the issues via hotfixes and extensive updates.

Raven Software made an announcement on Twitter about the removal of the feature that allowed players to stow perk packages in backpacks. This move is intended to thwart clever players from exploiting the Resupply Perk. Previously, players had the ability to interchange these packages in their backpacks, leading to a certain perk becoming exploitable. A Warzone 2 streamer, HusKerrs, unveiled a video demonstrating how these malfunctioning perk packages could be utilised to obtain an unlimited supply of throwable items using the Resupply Perk.

Perk Packages as Ground Loot: The Season 3 Reloaded Update

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 incorporated perk packages as ground loot in the Season 3 Reloaded update. Obtainable either by eliminating enemies or at a buy station. If players loot fallen opponents while already possessing a perk package, it furnishes them with another one that can be effortlessly used to acquire an infinite supply of lethal items, courtesy of the Resupply Perk. Unfortunately, this restocking of packages enabled certain players to score easy victories in ranked matches. Perk packages were initially introduced in Warzone 2, and players now have the option to devise their own combinations for creating potent loadouts.

Although Raven Software hasn’t disclosed a specific date for the reinstatement of the new feature, it assures that the issue will be definitively rectified in the near future. Even though this doesn’t appear to be a game-wrecking bug, if left unresolved, it could aid players in swiftly ascending the ranks in Warzone 2’s competitive play. Surprisingly, the player feedback in the comments is exceedingly positive, with several stating that this is an excellent patch that improves the game’s balance by correcting the ability to possess an unlimited quantity of lethal equipment items.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is presently available for play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and PS5.

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