Unexpected Twist: The Elder Scrolls 6 Mysterious Platform Move Revealed

The Elder Scrolls 6 Latest News
The Elder Scrolls 6 Latest News

Court documents suggest the hotly anticipated RPG The Elder Scrolls 6 will launch exclusively on PC and Xbox consoles, with no PlayStation version planned. This deals a blow to PlayStation fans hoping to continue their Elder Scrolls adventures.

First teased in 2018 alongside little more than a logo, concrete details on the sixth mainline Elder Scrolls remain sparse. With Bethesda focused on expanding their sprawling sci-fi RPG Starfield, don’t expect substantial Elder Scrolls 6 updates anytime soon.

Court Documents List It as PC and Xbox Only

However, papers from the recent FTC vs Microsoft anti-trust case contained revealing info about Bethesda’s publishing plans. Shared online by journalist Stephen Totilo, an included chart lists Elder Scrolls 6 as PC and Xbox exclusive, targeting a 2026 or later release.

This is the strongest evidence so far that the iconic RPG series is skipping PlayStation when the next chapter arrives. Understandably, this news dealt a gut punch to PlayStation-loyal fans of the series.

However, Xbox head Phil Spencer previously stated the game’s platform plans remain undecided. With PlayStation home to a massive established Elder Scrolls community, skipping that audience could leave substantial money on the table.

Then again, securing the fantasy title as an Xbox exclusive could strongly boost console and Game Pass sales, as demonstrated by Xbox sales spikes after Starfield’s reveal. For Xbox, the opportunity to attract new players could outweigh losing existing PlayStation fans.

With Elder Scrolls 6 not releasing until at least 2026, predicting which platforms it will land on is tricky. By then, PlayStation 6 and next-gen Xbox hardware may have replaced the current generation. The gaming community was hoping for something at the recent Gamescom event, but nothing materialised.

With Years Away From Release, A Change Of Heart May Happen

For now, PlayStation fans feel understandably let down if the leaked documents prove accurate. However, Microsoft would be wise not to underestimate their eagerness to continue journeying through Tamriel.

The RPG’s immense and devoted community dwarfs most gaming franchises. Whatever platforms Elder Scrolls 6 lands on, demand will be enormous.

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Bethesda now faces a delicate balancing act, weighing up how to maximise sales versus sustaining goodwill. While Xbox exclusivity could boost Game Pass subscriptions, angering PlayStation’s userbase risks long-term brand damage.

Ultimately, where the game’s loyal followers can experience the next chapter will help define Bethesda’s legacy under Microsoft’s roof. While Xbox naturally wants to capitalise on acquiring this beloved franchise, deserting the PlayStation audience could see Bethesda lose more than it gains.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is currently in development for Windows PC and Xbox.

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