X-Box One: Best of the Bunch?

Xbox One Preview

November is the month that passionate gamers across the world are frantically counting down the days to, the month that sees the release of two items that will work gamers into a frenzy unlike anything else… not only is the latest Call of Duty game, ‘Ghosts’, released But the brand new Xbox console will finally become available and gaming enthusiasts will be able to discover the features of the latest release from Microsoft and determine how it will shape the future of their entertainment.

Xbox One Preview
Xbox One Preview

For months, the build up to the release of the new Xbox has tantalised the gaming world and has left them eagerly anticipating its arrival, this Xbox promises to be the best console from Microsoft and has a range of new features and capabilities embracing the latest technological advancements and creating a product that the audience have been desperate for.

The main purpose of the new Xbox is obviously the gaming abilities, but the internet connection and ability to access online applications has been improved which means people are now able to make full use of the Internet including Google searches and online game play that isn’t just based on the games which are provided by Xbox. Online applications often have promotions and exciting giveaways, things such as XTG Thursdays can be taken full advantage of whilst still using the technology that comes within the Xbox.

The Xbox One as it is known, is now aimed at gamers and non-gamers, in fact anyone that is able to use the technology and has specific requirements that the Xbox can meet through its many new features.

Xbox One Specifications

  • Television capability – stop game play to watch your favourite programmes on Freeview television
  • Significantly larger model – to house all the technology the console is larger but is certainly sleeker and far more elegant in its design
  • Bigger memory – to save game play and statistics, enable Internet usage and the storage of Television channels
  • The Cloud – uses the cloud theory of memory and storage
  • Faster Speeds – no more long waits for games and applications to load
  • Music Player – play your favourite tracks and broadcast through the console
  • All the standard features that have existed throughout the Xbox consoles are still available

The Xbox One is poised to be the biggest selling console of the year and is expected to outsell the recently released PlayStation 4. Sony, the makers of the PlayStation are concerned the new Xbox will outsell their latest console as the battle of the consoles erupts again.

The Xbox has continued to be the most popular console and has secured Microsoft’s position as leader of the gaming technology market cleverly combining the release of the new Xbox console with one of the most popular games in history, Call of Duty, means the expectations are high and the excitement surrounding the release of the two is increasing as the date draws closer, it will also secure the Xbox’s position as the leader in the console market.

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