Sonic Superstars Gets Release Date, Caps Frontiers with Final DLC

Sonic Superstars Release Date Details

Sonic Speeds to New 2D Heights in Superstars with a multiplayer trailer, Frontiers gets a Final DLC.

Sonic Superstars Release Date Details

A hedgehog’s work is never done, and the speedy Sega mascot continues his busy 2023 schedule with twin Gamescom reveals. Sonic Superstars received an October release date and fresh gameplay, while Frontiers’ outgoing DLC got a September launch and teaser.

Watch The Official Sonic Superstars Multiplayer Trailer

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Superstars headlined the twin trailer blowout, showcasing the circus-themed level and multiplayer battle mode. Fans control Sonic and friends rushing through obstacle course-like stages focused on timing and traversal. A customisable robot augments the 4-player online battles with wacky powerups.

The energetic snippet concluded with an October 17th release date, leaked previously but now cemented. That positions Superstars against Nintendo’s own 2D platformer opus, Mario’s upcoming Wonder adventure, in a timely crossover clash.

While Superstars hogs the spotlight, Frontiers’ final content update shouldn’t be overlooked either. Titled The Final Horizon, this farewell DLC brings Sonic’s journey full circle by having him join forces with allies and rivals alike against a new threat.

Sonic Superstars Multiplayer Split-Screen

The brief teaser implies Super Sonic may return alongside new playable friends Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose. It promises an epic conclusion to Frontiers’ ambitious open world tale when it launches September 28th.

Between Superstars’ multiplayer mayhem and Frontiers’ imminent story finale, Sega ensures classic Sonic devotees and modern fans both get fed. 2022 keeps the blue blur busier than ever across gaming, TV and comics.

In fact, the dual trailers almost overwhelm with Sonic saturation. But after the character’s hit-and-miss 3D years, quality over quantity seems the priority lately. Both Superstars and Frontiers show great care resurrecting Sonic’s cherished 2D origins and 3D potential respectively.

Sega Balancing Quality and Quantity in Sonic’s Modern Resurgence

Sonic Superstars Multiplayer Gameplay
Sonic Superstars Multiplayer Gameplay

Frontiers’ final chapter aims to stick the landing for the gaming hedgehogs open world debut. And Superstars channels the sensory overload spirit of all-timers like Sonic Colours. Sega appears to have recaptured how and why fans fell in love with the series originally.

Perhaps that’s why 2023 feels like a Sonic renaissance. Between shows like Sonic Prime and games offering tailored experiences, devotees have their passion stoked again. The franchise is dashing with direction once more.

So whether you crave classically zippy 2D platforming or modern open world adventuring, this latest installment has you covered now. The blue blur blazes a path to the future by reflecting on the past.

Sonic Superstars arrives on October 17th for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source – Gamescom 2023

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